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Product Spotlight: Roll-Ons & 5 Reasons We Love Them (especially ours!)

We love our traditional skincare products. But roller-ball versions take a good thing and make it even better. Like adding a nourishing ampoule to a facial or a foot soak to a body treatment. If you haven’t tried one, they are basically serums (lightweight and fast absorbing) packaged in a container with a (generally) metal rollerball applicator.

Here are 5 reasons we love roll-ons:

1. They target the area directly.

The roller ball applicator makes it easy to apply the blend wherever it's needed.

2. They provide targeted application.

Rollerball treatments deliver the right amount of product and decrease the risk of waste (since you apply directly to the area instead of first to your fingers or a stick and then to the skin). This targeted approach allows you to focus on specific areas, like spot treatments for blemishes, and soothing undereye puffiness.

It only takes a few seconds to apply a quick undereye de-puffer with our Eye Contour Gel Roll-On or target a blemish with our Blemish Control Roll-On.

3. They're cost and time effective and convenient.

Roll-on bottles are generally 5 or 10 ml, making them a cost-effective way to incorporate a serum into your skincare routine. Rollerball applicators provide a quick and effective way to apply serums and oils. They’re easy to travel with, pop one in your bag, keep one on your nightstand, your office or kitchen for go-to convenience.

4. They can last a long time.

The dark glass bottles and product sealed in the container mean the product is not exposed to oxygen or potential contaminants, giving them a long shelf life! You use a small amount of product at any given time, and the packaging keeps it fresh.

5. The rollerball applicator helps boost and reduce inflammation.

The metal tips are cooling (and more so if they’re stored in the fridge – especially during summer months) and the roll-on application is soothing. The cooling effect of using a metal applicator can help reduce swelling and inflammation.

EB Eye Contour Gel Roll on helps reduce undereye puffiness fast! The act of rolling the serum under the eye acts as a gentle massage for the delicate undereye area, helping boost circulation and flush out excess fluid buildup that can cause puffy eyes. Eye roll-on ingredients also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Hyaluronic acid is a powerful humectant for increased hydration, while acetyl hexapeptide-8 topically targets the wrinkle formation mechanism to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Our blemish control roll-on is the perfect spot treatment for blemish prone skin. Apply topically as needed, it contains salicylic acid to penetrate and help destroy p.acnes bacteria from the skin follicle.

Dry, brittle, damaged cuticles (especially in winter) get a nourishing, moisturizing boost with the Cuticle Oil roll-on. Easy and convenient, lightweight, fast absorbing non-greasy argan and almond oil soothe and repair the cuticle area. Apply as frequently as needed.

If you’ve been naughty or nice to your skin this year – no worries! It’s never too late to start. Whether you’re shopping for you or someone on your list – Roll-on skincare deserves a “spot” on your shelf!


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