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The Five: 5 Tips to Help You Be the Best Esti Ever

You are amazing at what you do – whether you are a wax diva, facial fanatic, or the princess of peels – and your clients rely on your skills to give them that glow from the inside out. But the best estheticians among us (and that includes you) know that to increase and retain their client base and grow a profitable business they need to continually find ways to shine – to position themselves as experts in technique, skills, customer service and innovation. The following are 5 tips from us to help.

1. Customize your consult forms: It’s super important to know as much about your client as possible – way past the basics. You want to learn more about who they are, how they live, their skincare and lifestyle routines and any experiences that will help you diagnose and treat them from the inside out. Some categories you’ll want to include:

· Skin type: While skin will vary from treatment to treatment depending on several factors (seasons, diet, stress, illness, hormonal issues, etc.) your client will have their own set of basic characteristics. (Dry, sensitive, oily/blemish prone, combination, normal)

· Skincare goals: They’re different for everyone. Certain clients will be focused on minimizing signs of aging, while others want to reduce redness/inflammation, or clear up problem skin conditions. Knowing your client’s goals and working with them as they change and evolve is critical when creating a personal treatment plan that keeps them coming back to you – the expert!

· Maintenance & Challenges: Does your client suffer from breakouts? Is their skin dry or flaky? Do they struggle with inflammation or rosacea? Treating and maintaining healthy, glowing skin is a primary reason why clients seek out estheticians. For others it is a way to solve skincare challenges. Identifying your clients’ frustrations and challenges will help you find the best treatment plan for relieving them.

· Previous treatments & medical history: This includes any history of allergies, or special medical concerns as well as facials, laser, waxing, thermal, injections, peels, and other treatments. Be the best and do a deep dive into the details of your client’s treatment and medical history.

· Skincare products: Get familiar with your clients’ current skincare routine and products so you can recommend appropriately. Ask not only about the type of product they use, but the skincare line, frequency of use, and how they use.

2. Focus on Client Retention: Our variation on an old saying: Get new clients but keep the old – one is silver, and the other’s gold. Client retention in the esthetic world is key. Market to build your base but continue to focus on creative ways to keep client loyalty.

· Flexibility: Life happens when you’re making other plans – so within reason (we recommend a strong customer policy when it comes to rescheduling and cancellation) be flexible with your clients – it shows you care.

· Incentive plans: Loyalty programs, free-ad on services after a certain number of treatments, discounts for pre-booking, product discounts – you get the idea.

· It’s the little things: Text message appointment reminders, emails showcasing special events or product/service specials, foot soaks, crystal infused water or a cup of herb tea when your client arrives may seem small, but they make a big impact.

3. Expand Your Knowledge: Skincare is constantly evolving. We’ve said it before, blogged it before and we’ll keep saying it – continuing education is a must. Expand your knowledge and your services (and clients) win. The more you know — the more you grow – and the more your expertise benefits your clients.

4. Embrace sales as an industry expert. Retail and service sales are a big component of being a successful esthetician. Always remember – you are the expert; the person your clients know, like and trust. That is what keeps your clients coming back for your fabulous facials, luscious lash lifts or extensions, and wonderful waxing. Get well acquainted with client skincare challenges and needs. You can recommend the best hydration for their dry winter skin, or the proper topical treatment for skin eruptions. You’re the skincare professional – so approach sales as another way to educate your client and give them resources to get their glow on!

5. Market Brand YOU: No one can do what you do quite the way you do it. That’s a fact. What is your special gift(s)? What do you love to do? What’s your specialty? Combining your skills with your passion is a solid gold combination. Branding is simply the way you show clients who you are and why they need you. It is what you stand for and how you deliver your gift (as nobody else can do). Be crystal clear on who you are and what you deliver and share it with the world! Marketing “Brand YOU” is an important message for our students and fellow estheticians. It is one of the best ways to help you find and retain your ideal client while building a profitable and successful business you love.


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