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Tip: Do's & Don'ts For Winter Skin

Winter brings on a whole new set of skin-care concerns. Harsh air and cold winds mean that dry, dehydrated skin is a lot more likely. Thankfully, with the right skin-care routine you can help balance your skin and keep your complexion looking healthy and hydrated. For some guidelines on what works and what hurts your skin during the chilliest of seasons, we’ve rounded up the Euro’s tips on dos and don’ts for skincare in the winter months ahead.

Do: Amp Up the Hydration

With the frigid air, your skin may be feel more irritated than normal. Give your skin some TLC by adding a hydrating face mask into your weekly routine. We recommend Moor Multi-Fruit Mask or PhytoVit Antioxidant cream mask. They both help deliver a burst of hydration for skin that’s drier during winter. A daily (a.m. and p.m.) dose of Hyaluronic Acid Serum helps the skin retain its moisture levels.

Do: Exfoliate Regularly

The colder temperatures and a drop in humidity can sometimes make your face look flaky and feel dry. To slough away dead surface cells and reveal healthy, radiant skin, it’s important to exfoliate. Sensitive skin should keep it to once a week – try our gentle Euro Clinicals Enzyme Peeling Crème or Pineapple Peel. For a little more stimulation, Pumpkin Enzyme Peel once or twice a week will eat up that dead skin debris. Remember not to over-exfoliate, as this can cause discomfort and even more dryness.

Do: Switch Out Your Products

Your lightweight summer moisturizer might not make the cut now that winter has arrived. Be sure to hydrate with a heavier cream appropriate for the season. Look for ingredients like shea butter and peptides. Heavier serums work well for drier skin now, like our Renewal Serum or Rosehip Seed Oil. Mix a little Farm to Face or Skin Balance Facial Oil in with your moisturizer to add hydration. You may need to switch to a gentler cleanser as well (our Green Tea Cleanser works well for all skin types).

Don't: Skip Sunscreen

During the summer, sunscreen is a no-brainer. But when clouds seriously roll in and snow flies, it’s easy to forget the SPF. Sunscreen is a non-negotiable part of skincare, regardless of whether the sun is shining. Apply sunscreen every day to help protect your face and body from UVA and UVB rays, as well as signs of premature aging. Raw Elements comes in 3 varieties for maximum protection – our tinted tin, tinted airless pump and non-tinted Face & Body SPF.

Don't: Take Long Hot Showers

While taking a long, hot shower can be tempting given the frigid air, it’s best to pass on the overly steamy. While it may feel relaxing, hot water can dry out and irritate your skin over time. Choose tepid or lukewarm water on both your face and body.


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